Charcoal Facial Detox Bar

Charcoal Facial Detox Bar

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Hunkiest hunk of charcoal that world has ever seen. These unscented charcoal bars detoxify and deep cleanse. As the fine charcoal washes away impurities on your skin the suds strip away the daily grime. Designed as a facial bar but can be used on body as well. 


Labeled as LUMP OF COAL during November and December Holiday Season


Use: face, body


Ingredients: Extra virgin olive oil, coconut oil, sustainable palm oil (brazil), water, sodium hydroxide*, activated charcoal.


*none remains after saponification


All oils are organic and food-grade.



Approx. 5 oz.


Natural handmade soap

Super-fatted 5-10%

Labeled and packaged in reusable and biodegradeable cotton muslin bag (made in USA).