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Got back to NYC. 

Started experimenting with the food grade oils we had at home and made a lab out of our kitchen. Yikes.

Our first batch was made at home in Queens, NYC and that's me immediately after.

We had no idea what we were doing, would have maybe focused the shot and cleaned the kitchen if imagined it would be on a website someday.

Summer 2017, we launched at the Queens Night Market and the rest is history. 

Can you spot the mug we brought home from Paris?


how it 


A bathtub in Paris. 


Kate and José took a much needed vacation to Europe after José quit stressful job. 

After a wine paired dinner at Il Vino and a nice waddle across Paris, we got in the tub and ideas for new endeavors bubbled up. 

Pictured here: that bathtub

cold process

Cold process soap is kind of like wizardry.

We turn organic, food grade, olive and coconut oil into soap using precise combinations of oil (acid), water, and our magic ingredient sodium hydroxide (base). This organic chemical process is called saponification. 

(not that simple but let's pretend it is).

The whole process takes 6 weeks because our natural soaps don't contain preservatives, surfactants, or detergents.

All of our soaps cure by naturally airing out to form a hard and long lasting soap bar. 

Soap is like a fine wine, the longer it cures, the longer it will last. However, we recommend using our soaps within 18 months to get that ultimate shower/bath sensory experience.


A great shower can be a game changer. So can a great soap. 

Start your day of right by treating yourself to a shower that you look forward to again and again. 

Add some color and flare

to your shower routine.

Nothing compares to that

fresh out of the shower feeling, so make it an experience with a handmade soap that tickles your senses and feeds your skin.  

Our soaps are made from premium oils that come from plants, so we have partnered with One Tree Planted an organization with a mission of global reforestation. Every purchase made helps keep our planet green.

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