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Super-fatted soap
that doesn't dry out your skin!





TREE*STAR was founded on the idea that bath and shower time should be fun, nourishing, sensational experiences you look forward to. Our soaps tickle the senses while they feed your skin. We use premium, organic, food-grade, plant oils in all of our products and each purchase plants one tree, so you can stay green while you scrub clean.


kendra baumer

rochester, ny

LOVE this soap. My skin loves it too :) I was buying from Rocky Mountain Soap Factory in Canada previously and didn't think I'd ever try anything else, but my cousin convinced me to try this and it's even better all-natural soap. Not to mention I'm happy to support something local. The owners are also fantastic to work with and very communicative. Package came in a timely manner.

kristen lopez

bronx, ny

 Smells GREAT. Not too strong but enough that you can smell it. The scrub is great at exfoliating.

bridget plante

queens, ny

I am in love with these soaps!! I have battled incredibly sensitive skin my whole life and have tried probably 99% of products out there including very high end, super pricey ones. These soaps are the first thing I have EVER used on my skin that keeps breakouts and eczema flares at bay. My skin feels pampered. Soft, moisturized, even in the middle of winter! I love using the bags the soap comes in as a loofah as well, they offer great exfoliation. This is soap as it is meant to be, pure, natural, kind to your body and kind to the planet. Do yourself a favor and check them out!

vienna d'ornellas

new york, ny

Love these soaps, they are so gentle that one can use them on their face, while at the same time leaving the body clean. They come in different scents and  are made with different natural ingredients that are great for my skin. This never dried out my sking nor made it too oily. 

emily welch

knoxville, tn

I live in Tennessee and received a soap terranium from my brother in Brooklyn as a gift. I have never loved any soap so much!!! Can't wait to buy more! Such a wonderful product! Thank you!


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