Hibiscus + Lime Soap

Hibiscus + Lime Soap

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Inspired by everything spring, these bars bring back memories of sitting in the floral outdoors with pitchers of refreshing iced teas. 

Infused with hibiscus and lime tea and essential oils, they smell fresh, floral, and green with a touch of zest. Couldn't pass up the opportunity to put real hibiscus flowers inside to gently exfoliate and bring these spring soaps to the next level . 


Ingredients: Extra virgin olive oil, coconut oil, sustainable palm oil (brazil), water, sodium hydroxide*, lime essential oil, hibiscus fragrance, hibiscus flower. 


*none remains after saponification


All oils are organic and food-grade.



Approx. 5 oz.


Super-fatted 5-10%

Labeled and packaged in reusable and biodegradeable cotton muslin bag (made in USA).